Elastatropin® (Tropoelastin)

Elastatropin®, the laboratory synthesized form of human tropoelastin, is the natural precursor of the human elastin in the skin.

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Welcome to Protein Genomics

Protein Genomics carries out Research and Development on sophisticated, high performance biopolymers for potential applications in the wound healing, tissue regeneration, dermal filler and personal care markets.

We currently produce human tropoelastin (Elastatropin®) and human keratin (Keracyte®) for over the counter (OTC) and wound closure applications. These unique biomaterials were prohibitively expensive until we developed low cost manufacturing methods. Other, similar biopolymers are in the development stage.

We design these materials at the genetic (DNA) level, and can produce customized structural proteins that precisely follow human genetic profiles.

Contact us for more information on obtaining Elastatropin and Keracyte for research and product developent use.

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