Elastatropin® (Tropoelastin)

Elastatropin®, the laboratory synthesized form of human tropoelastin, is the natural precursor of the human elastin in the skin.

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The Story Behind Elastatropin®

The Extracellular Matrix is made up of molecules such as elastin, laminin, keratin, fibrin and collagen. Together these molecules impart strength and elasticity to the skin, lung, arteries, and other tissues. In response to a DARPA research requests, Protein Genomics began the production and evaluation of human Extracellular Matrix Proteins in new forms and quantities.

One of the proteins in the extracellular matrix is human tropoelastin (the precursor to elastin), an extremely important component of skin that provides strength and elasticity. Protein Genomic's subsequent development and production of human tropoelastin for wound healing, Elastatropin®, has resulted in new discoveries that permit additional uses. One of these is the application of Elastatropin to the skin topically to help reduce the formation and incidence of wrinkles. Another is the use of Elastatropin as a hair and scalp conditioner.

In addition, developments in the fields of biotechnology now make it possible to produce human elastin or its tropoelastin precursor by biotechnology methods in microorganisms or plants. The significant advantages provided by these sources include:

  • A truly water soluble and intact protein
  • Higher likelihood of being absorbed
  • Compatible with the biochemistry of the skin
  • Shown to be incorporated into the tissue matrix
  • More esthetically pleasing
  • Identical to the human material
  • Available as the tropoelastin precursor

The material has many properties that make it superior to the conventional sources of elastin. Also, the use of authentic human proteins such as Elastatropin precludes an allergic response to the protein or potential exposure to infectous agents.

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