About Protein Genomics

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About Protein Genomics

Protein Genomics was originally formed in 1993 in Princeton, New Jersey to capitalize on opportunities presented by rapid progress in the fields of genomics, the study of the structure and function of genetic material, and proteomics, the systematic analysis of protein expression in healthy and diseased tissue. These scientific tools are being used to design entirely unique products with enhanced performance in the areas of personal care and wound healing.

The basic genetic database of human biopolymers that give strength and elasticity to the lung, arteries, skin and other tissues can be accessed from the Human Genome Project. The Company supplements this information extensively with a collected private database of genetic sequences from human tissues. This private database guides the design of customized biopolymers such as elastin to increase their performance, strength, utility and appeal.

To manufacture the desired polymers in quantity, their design is incorporated into custom synthesized DNA and the DNA introduced into bacteria, yeasts or green plants, such as alfalfa. The new hosts read the introduced DNA and make the designed polymer in the host tissues in amounts of up to 1 gram per Kg dry weight of plants. Bacteria and yeasts are cuotivated by fermentation. The plants are cultivated hydroponically, harvested and the polymer extracted.

Sophisticated custom designed and manufactured biopolymers such as those developed by Protein Genomics are currently not offered for sale in any application, providing Protein Genomics unique opportunities in the marketplace.

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